You Stay Out In The Cold

It's a little colder out there, which means people are partaking in their favourite pass-time ever: staying inside doing nothing useful. Unfortunately, sometimes people choose to do this in places other than their homes. It may not be obvious, but that makes them suck.

Let's begin with an anecdote pulled right from my very own life two Mondays ago. Every weekday morning I take the train to work, because it makes an unbelievable amount of financial sense and leads to exercise. I'm sure my car will get over only being driven 20km each week.

The train I take offers two useful forms of payment: A monthly pass, good 7 days a week and you can take a friend with you for free, or a 10 ride pass, good whenever you feel like using it. I opt for the 10 ride pass. The only inconvenient part of the 10 ride pass is that every week or so I need to buy a new one. Not terribly interesting yet, I know, but bear with me.

Two Mondays ago it was time for me to get a pass before the morning train. The ticket booth is a nice warm building for your ticket buying convenience. (Those of you with half a brain should already see where this is going.) I opened the doors to get my tickets, when what do I see but seventy people loitering in the building, waiting for the train. What I yelled out next accurately sums up the topic of this article:

Excuse me, some of us actually want to buy tickets!

In more general terms, my battle cry translates to "Some of us have shit to do, get out of the fucking way!" I'm all for staying warm, but not at the inconvenience of others. I literally had to push people out of my way to get to the ticket counter, for which the building was constructed. So it's a little chilly outside: boo fucking hoo. Nut up and wait on the platform like you're supposed to.

The problem is people are so focused on their own perceived needs and goals that they are completely oblivious to the fact they might be preventing others from doing what they need to do for the sake of what they themselves want to do. It's too cold for you outside? Try dressing for the weather, dumbass. And try not being such a pussy.

The equation here is very, very simple: There are people who need to use a building or room for its intended purpose (in this case buying train tickets), and there are people who want to use a building or room for their own desires at the expense of those who need to use it. Anyone who falls in to the latter group is a selfish coward, and if ever you see people doing that you go ahead and tell them so. You don't even need to worry about being hurt: they won't leave the comfort of the room they're blocking.

Remember: they suck.

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