No I Am Not Copying Maddox, Stop Asking

You know how sometimes you see one thing that reminds you of another thing? Apparently this site is that way. A fair amount of my early feedback about this site were about some similarities it had to a site run by a guy named Maddox. There is a difference, however, between reminding you of something different, and copying it.

In case you've been living in a cave for the last ten years, Maddox runs a website he calls The Best Page In The Universe. It's quite popular. In fact, I read it myself. There are even similarities between his site and mine. We both write aggressive opinion pieces, both our sites use as few images as necessary, the index page for both sites is the article list, we both make use of MSPaint and we both use larger-than-usual fonts to make our sites easier to read. Yeah, I can see how people find the two sites similar. Check out this email, though, from someone with a address:

This is the email I was going to send you when your site first came online, but your e-mail address that you listed wasn't working. Imagine that.

>Hey Chris,

>Here's how to not suck, go to
>I hate you, and all your unoriginal, plagarizing, dumb-as-tar,
>not-yet-existant ideas.

>Seriously though, I liked your first post, and will stop by again to
>see what you have to say. Keep up the good work.


>P.S. Was I your first hate-mail? That would just be awesome.

But now, looking at your site again a few months later, I realize that I was just about right on with my original assessment, your posts are hate-filled snippets of garbage with a few slurs towards women and choice curse words mixed in.
Go back to school, learn how to write so people can understand what you are saying and so people actually want to read what you're saying.
I repeat my first line, "Here's how to not suck, go to"
Maddox at least has reasoning behind what he is currently insulting, not a random poke at people who push the open-door button. Also, he stays on topic, is current, and is amusing.

Try again,

Before I begin, there is something I feel I must point out. Just because I don't respond to an email doesn't mean I didn't receive it. I got your email, but since you couldn't decide whether it was hatemail or praise I decided not to waste my time replying to either part. Now that that's out of the way, let's continue, shall we?

First of all, just because our sites appear to be similar doesn't mean I'm copying him. Maddox wasn't the first to have an aggressive blog, and I guarantee I won't be the last. By your logic, everyone who writes fantasy stories is plagiarizing (see the correct spelling?) J.R.R. Tolkien, because he did it before them. Incidentally, plagiarism is when you take someone else's work verbatim and claim it as your own. Go back to school and learn what words actually mean, dickhead.

Now, let's look at the content of our sites. In fact, let's look at the first words you see on each site. Here's what you see on my site:

I am here to relieve the world of human stupidity.

And here's what's on Maddox's site:

This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong.

Do you see the subtle difference? Maddox's site is about him and his opinions, as most blogs are. This site is pointing out societal habits that beget laziness, inconsiderateness and stupidity. And yes, inconsiderateness is a real word.

Also, nothing in my articles is random; everything I write on this site is based in the realm of observation and conclusion, just like science is. If I mention women as being the main culprits of something, it isn't because I want to defame the gender, it's because it's true based on what I've seen. Let's face it, you don't see a lot of men wearing miniskirts and fuck-me pumps in January. Maddox wrote an entire article about the size of his testicles, you don't find that random?

Just because two things seem similar doesn't mean one is copying the other. The wise person notices the similarity and does research to determine the truth. The arrogant person assumes one is copying the other. The cocky asshole makes that assumption and tells it to other people. The fucking stupid make baseless accusations to the creator of the second item in order to be publicly humiliated.

Here's how to not suck, do your fucking homework before jumping to conclusions! Besides, if anything, my site is similar to Foamy's rants, pointing out the world's stupidity and getting pissed off at it.

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