You know how the Bible says "judge not lest ye be judged?" And the old saying "do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" What about "patience is a virtue?" In light of Obama recently being elected as the next President of the United States, it has become clear to me that everyone who spouts those lines only does so when what they perceive around them is in tune with how they want things to be. Otherwise, none of them apply.

Coverage of Obama:

389 minutes
36% positive, 35% neutral, 29% negative
29% of 389 = 113

Coverage of McCain:

203 minutes
14% positive, 29% neutral, 57% negative
57% of 203 = 116

Let's start with the campaign coverage. It is a well known fact that as far as percentages are concerned, Obama got more coverage than McCain, and of that coverage more of Obama's was positive, and less of Obama's was negative. In fact, Obama's negative coverage was half as much as McCain's negative coverage, proportionally. So if half the percentage of his coverage is negative, but he has twice the overall coverage, that means he has the same number of negative stories as McCain. So much for being a "media darling." He just had more positive stories to offset things than McCain did.

So why do I start with statistics about campaign coverage? Because there are people who see the huge gap in positive coverage as the media being biased toward Obama, which means they must be pushing an agenda. It couldn't possibly be that Obama gets more positive coverage because he does more things that are worthy of it.

Bitching and moaning about how Obama won because he was a media darling is just that: bitching and moaning. He didn't win because he got more positive coverage, he got more positive coverage because he was the better candidate. He was talking about unity within the United States, while McCain and Palin were off saying only small-town America is real America, and doing such a good job of demonizing Obama that McCain literally had to defend him at one of McCain's own rallies. And you wonder why McCain didn't get any positive media coverage? Fuck you.

One of the big claims against Obama was that he's Muslim. He's not, but let me ask you something: what the fuck would it matter if he was? America's supposed to be a huge melting pot, where everyone's equally welcome as long as they pray to the Stars and Stripes, regardless of Religion. What fucking difference would it make if the President happened to be non-Christian? It's not like there are more Muslims than Catholics in the world or anything. ...No, wait, there are... And estimates for how many are in America range between 2.6 million and 8 million. And I'm sure they're all represented fairly by saying if a Presidential candidate is Muslim, he doesn't deserve to win. And they say good old fashioned racism is dead.

John McCain's Concession Speech

Now Obama's the President Elect. He won the popular vote by 6%, and got roughly twice the Electoral Votes McCain did. Game over, let's all unite behind Obama, right? I mean, McCain said that's what we should do in his concession speech. Obama's the next President, and it's every American's duty to support him, so that's what we'll do.

Bullshit. Did you hear his supporters booing during his speech? He had to stop to calm them down. McCain lost with class and dignity, and gave the best speech of his entire campaign while doing so (which is a shame, really; he could have done so much better than he did). The supporters who gathered to him on election night were classless assholes.

What do we get instead? People saying they're going to kill Obama (or that someone else will). People saying Obama's going to ruin the country. That he'll bankrupt the country. That the only reason he won was the media. That he won't live long enough to be sworn in. He doesn't even take office for 2 months, and the so-called citizens are already throwing him under the bus.

Obama Change Demotivator

You know what, people who have already made up your minds to hate Obama? Fuck you. Fuck your prejudice, fuck your bias, fuck your pre-determination and fuck your judgment. He hasn't done anything yet except start filling his Cabinet, and you've already decided he's the worst President the country has ever seen. It doesn't matter if he fixes the economy, ends the Iraq war (it's not a conflict, call it what it is), breaks the addiction to foreign oil and cleans up the environment, in your eyes a single policy decision you don't agree with will justify the beliefs you already hold because you've already made up your mind.

People like you are why people everywhere hate America. People like you are why Obama's platform was basically "America needs to be elevated back to where it's respected." If you think Obama's not proud to be an American, it's people like you he's not proud of. You are the worst of society, and even though you may be smart, you are the most ignorant people anyone will ever encounter. Is it possible Obama will be a poor President? Of course it is. But only an ignorant asshole passes judgment before he's even started.

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